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5 Startups Transforming Physical Retail Marketing

E-commerce enjoys a huge range of advantages over traditional retail. It can harvest and leverage vast amounts of data on customers, it can push notifications and adverts far more efficiently than high street outlets and it can integrate with a broad...

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3 Areas Where Fintech Is Fighting For The Little Guy

TransferWise is back in the news after raising GBP17.7m (USD26m), with a USD1.1bn valuation and a new focus on bringing its cheap currency conversion tool to small businesses. The currency converter unicorn claims small businesses are all too often...

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Snapchat Raises USD1.8bn & Peter Thiel's Fight With Gawker

Snapchat's equity round, Peter Thiel's attack on Gawker and what's happening to angel deals. These are some of the top stories in tech today. 1. Snapchat Raises USD1.8bn Snapchat has raised a USD1.8bn equity round. The social media company did not...

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3 Corporate VC Myths Debunked

There are a lot of stereotypes hanging around corporate venture capital (CVC). As more incumbent firms become aware of the need to stay innovative and look to venture arms to do so, CVC is becoming a prominent part of the tech investing landscape....

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Fintech Needs To Be More Personal

The personal touch is going to be key to the success of fintech. That’s the view of Nutmeg’s former CEO Nick Hungerford and Zopa’s CMO Amy Miller speaking at the Shift Technology conference. Their point is simple - most financial companies are...

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