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Icahn Sells Apple Stock & Amazon's Record Quarter

Amazon's and LinkedIn’s positive growth figures, as well as Carl Icahn's sale of his Apple stock in the face of sales contraction are just some of the key stories in tech today. 1. Cloud Boosts Amazon Amazon is off to a great start to the year...

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6 Standout Deutschland Startups

There's more to German startups than Rocket Internet. That's proven by this list of innovative startups, which only contains one from the famous startup factory. Germany is also notable for how its startups spread out across the whole country, unlike the...

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Education, Education, Education & Robots - The Future Of Teaching

As Whitney Houston once sung, “I believe the children are the future.” But what shape will that future take? Edtech continues to see innovation and many new firms and investors are together redefining what education will look like in the coming...

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What Marketers Need To Know About Snapchat’s Soaring Video Consumption

Snapchat is one of the most heavily-used apps by young, so-called millennial consumers. The photo and video sharing app’s simplistic and more-private environment than Facebook or Twitter means that it’s often seen as a real threat to its larger...

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Investment Banks Join The Fintech Revolution

Investment banks are by their very definition the ones that don’t take deposits. Yet now Goldman Sachs, the most famous investment bank of them all, is doing just that, launching an online bank with a minimum deposit of USD1. It's a seismic shift for...

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