YouTube sees more plays than majority of streaming music services combined

When it comes to streaming music, video site YouTube is bigger than Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and Grooveshark combined, clocking up 384bn song plays in 2011. The stats, calculated by Digital Music News (DMN), indicate that despite their focus on streaming, music services notched up less than a third of YouTube's total plays between them last year, at 144bn altogether. Of the streaming services, DMN estimates that Pandora saw the most song plays, at 98bn, with Spotify lagging behind on 37bn plays, Rhapsody on 7bn and Grooveshark on 2bn. Indeed, YouTube outpaces music services even when the likes of MOG, Rdio and Deezer are factored in, showing that despite focused attention on the rise of streaming services, YouTube remains the most popular destination for music on the web.