Strength In Numbers - 3 Alliances That Could Take On Market Leaders

Momentum has built for a while, but finally it’s happening - Uber’s opponents have formed a global united front to try and halt the expansion of the ride-sharing juggernaut. Lyft and Didi Kuaidi initially partnered back in September, but now India’s OlaCabs and Singapore’s GrabTaxi have entered this strategic, revenue sharing coalition, that will allow each company’s users to book another company’s service in different countries using their native app, with currencies remitted between the companies. Essentially, Uber is now not facing a string of local rivals, but one global super-firm. It’s a bold strategy, and if it works, it could prove a model to emulate for other firms being squeezed by overbearing competitors. Here are three other partnerships that could turn the tables on the Goliaths.