Internet Of Weird - 5 Most-Intriguing Startups At CES

The much-awaited 2016 Consumer Electronics Show began this week and is proving characteristically vibrant. With products ranging from person-carrying drones to Segway robots to smart mugs here are five of the most-interesting startups demoed so far.


1. eHang

When does a drone become a helicopter? While hardly one of the great riddles of existence, it's a question that consumers, and more importantly, regulators, may well now find themselves asking, after Chinese drone-maker eHang launched its 184 drone. About the size of a small car, the drone is capable of carrying the weight of a human being. Possible use cases that immediately spring to mind include the emergency and industrial repairs sectors, and it stands to bring the power of personalized flight to a wider audience than ever. Bustling futuristic urban skies full of buzzing commuters maybe closer than we thought.