INTERVIEW: "The European Startup Scene Is Underfunded" - Karma Ventures

There's a new kid on the block that believes there's a big opportunity currently for Series A investments in Europe. Started by a trio of Estonian entrepreneurs, here one of Karma Ventures' founders Margus Uudam talks about the rationale behind the new Series A-focused group.

What kind of companies is the new fund focusing on?

We are mostly interested in technologies across verticals, rather than in individual verticals. In many verticals there are startups that create new technologies and there are many startups - maybe most of the startups - that just use technology. So our sweet spot is to see who it is, across different verticals, that actually creates new technologies. We are in a very good position to validate the value of different technologies and how different they really are. The initial amount of the fund is USD40m and we hope to increase the USD60m by the end of the year.