Enterprise Virtual Reality Is On Its Way

With the releases of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift earlier this year, it’s fair to say that virtual reality (VR) is finally available to a mass audience. But with entry prices still prohibitively high for the majority of users, headsets and their content are yet to become a ubiquitous, or even common, aspect of people’s lives.

However, running underneath its gaming applications lies the ever-present promise of enterprise applications. This space is getting a lot more interesting with the launch of HTC’s USD1,200 enterprise version of its product in response from mounting global demand. The headset isn’t a redesign, but it comes with things like a warranty, 24-hour customer support and the option to bulk buy, all things geared more heavily towards industrial and enterprise buyers. But if the demand for these devices is there, how are they being put to use?