Hulu streams 856m videos in a month

Hulu recorded 856m US online video views in October with the average viewer watching 20 videos for a total of 2 hours during the month, according to comScore data. The research firm says 28bn videos were viewed by US internet users during the month. Hulu was ranked second with a 3.1% share of the total, followed by Microsoft and Fox.

As in previous months, Google sites dominated with a 38% share of the total. YouTube accounted for 99% of the 10.5bn videos viewed at sites owned by the search giant. Overall, more than 167m US internet users watched an average of 167 videos each for a total of 10.8 hours during the month.

According to a recent report, online video viewing is increasing globally by 25% year-on-year with much of the growth driven by YouTube.