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The Songs Remain The Same, But Music Industry Is Adapting

Music streaming usage doubled in the US last year and could do so again in 2016 with Apple Music, Google’s YouTube Music, Spotify, Tidal and Pandora, as well as SoundCloud’s newly launched streaming app all competing to bring new users onto their platforms. More importantly for the wider industry, 2015 saw digital music revenues overtake physical music revenues for the first time. This year will see growth accelerate as more listeners pay for subscriptions. However, there will be more...

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Highway To The Danish Zone - 9 Startups From Denmark To Watch

After a handful of notable exits including Just-Eat and Zendesk, Danish tech companies are starting to gain serious traction with investors. “It’s not Silicon Valley yet and I don’t think it should be,” say Martin Ferro-Thomsen, founder and CEO of Danish online conference hub Conferize. “The Nordic scene is starting to emerge as a major hub. We have all this talent, startup knowledge and technologies within a very small geographic area. It’s a little-known fact that five of the 10...

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Roli Acquires UK’s FXpansion

London-based music technology company Roli has acquired a London-based FXpansion​, maker of software instruments. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The deal will enable Roli to integrate FXpansion’s of sounds and effects to its music creation tools.

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