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Honeycomb Bags USD3.66m For Ad Platform

TV and video ad management platform, Honeycomb has bagged USD3.66m from Beringea and other angel investors including David Bell (a senior adviser to AOL and Verizon, and former Senior Advisor to Google), Richard Jameson (the former CFO of brand services company Tag-worldwide), and John Spearman (Chairman of visual effects company Framestore). 

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AT&T Buys Times Warner For USD85.4bn

US-based telecom company AT&T has bought media and entertainment company, Times Warner for USD85.4bn. The acquisition will lead to the creation of a media and telecommunications empire that will enable AT&T to become a content owner rather than just a distributor of video. 

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Buzzfeed Snaps Up USD200m For Digital Publishing

Buzzfeed, US-based digital publisher, has snapped up USD20m from TV giant NBCUniversal (NBCU). With this new financing, Buzzfeed will collaborate with NBCU to produce content around the Summer Olympics in Rio and will be developing and online series called Mom vs. Chef for broadcast.

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