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Banking Beyond The Hype - Fintech Investment Levels Off

Fintech continues to be one of the most exciting and well-funded spaces in tech. Potentially huge profits are attracting startups and investors to take on banks and major financial institutions. From currency conversions to lending there’s a whole range of startups trying to outcompete the banks by offering online products with clean interfaces. Data analytics and machine learning are a staple of many, if not all, of these companies with most forgoing more traditional means of assessing...

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Dream Payments Bags USD1.5m For Cloud Enabling Mobile Payments

Dream Payments, a Canada-based fintech cloud enabling payments across mobile devices and the Internet of Things, has bagged USD1.5m in funding from VentureClash 2016. Dream Payments will use the money to accelerate its entry into the United States.

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Nvoicepay Snags USD10m For Payment Automation Software

Nvoicepay, a Portland-based provider of payment automation software for enterprises, has snagged USD10m in funding from Napier Park Financial Partners. Nvoicepay intends to use the funds to expand operations.

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