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Beringer Capi Takes Over News Provider Adweek

Beringer Capital, a private equity firm focused on digital media and marketing services, has taken over Adweek, a US-based provider of news and insight, from Mediabistro. The financial terms of the deal were not revealed. Beringer Capital will provide Adweek with resources to expand its current editorial content. 

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Toyota Considers Boston Dynamics Buy & Crunchy Snapchat Experiment

Toyota’s got its eyes on Alphabet’s robots and a 2013 Myspace hack could still cause problems today. These are among today’s top news stories. 1. Cadbury’s Great Snapchat Experiment There’s a lot of hype among marketers about the potential of Snapchat, but many are still figuring out what exactly they’re supposed to do with it. At the moment it’s down to trial, error and learning. That’s Cadbury is spending half of Crunchie’s digital budget on the platform. Here’s what it...

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3 Problems With Online Advertising's Best-Loved Trends

Content discovery, native ads and programmatic advertising are arguably currently the three most-prominent trends in digital marketing. Content discovery firm Outbrain's recent USD45m funding round is further illustration of investor interest in these areas. Here we look at the appeal of these three areas of digital marketing and the challenges they still face. 1. Content Discovery The Appeal: For publishers looking to monetise, Outbrain and Taboola are the biggest content discovery...

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