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What's Changing Social Media In 2016

The latest changes by social media and messaging firms are all about cementing their dominance in their users’ everyday lives. From Facebook’s push into bots to Twitter’s deal to stream NFL games to Snapchat’s discovery channels these services are expanding their services in every direction. Then there’s messaging. This has proved an important element of mobile phone communications for over a decade. Now messaging apps can do much, much more, with many possessing user bases that...

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Highway To The Danish Zone - 9 Startups From Denmark To Watch

After a handful of notable exits including Just-Eat and Zendesk, Danish tech companies are starting to gain serious traction with investors. “It’s not Silicon Valley yet and I don’t think it should be,” say Martin Ferro-Thomsen, founder and CEO of Danish online conference hub Conferize. “The Nordic scene is starting to emerge as a major hub. We have all this talent, startup knowledge and technologies within a very small geographic area. It’s a little-known fact that five of the 10...

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Snapchat Makes Eyes At Publishers To Attract Ads

Snapchat is yet again trying to increase the amount of content from third party publishers that its users watch. Its latest redesign grants more space to its publication partners in the Stories section of the app and now features an image and headline story rather than just a brand icon. It’s part of an ongoing effort by the company to up the number of interactions that publisher’s content and advertisements generate, as many remain sceptical of Snapchat’s real value to advertisers. The...

Read More09 Jun 16