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US$150m Baillie Gifford, BlackRock, DST Global, Sands Capital Ventures, Temasek Holdings 23 Apr 2015
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Banking Beyond The Hype - Fintech Investment Levels Off

Fintech continues to be one of the most exciting and well-funded spaces in tech. Potentially huge profits are attracting startups and investors to take on banks and major financial institutions. From currency conversions to lending there’s a whole...

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3 Areas Where Fintech Is Fighting For The Little Guy

TransferWise is back in the news after raising GBP17.7m (USD26m), with a USD1.1bn valuation and a new focus on bringing its cheap currency conversion tool to small businesses. The currency converter unicorn claims small businesses are all too often...

Read More26 May 16
Partnerships Are The Way To Save Online Lending

Another week, another online lender laying off staff. This time it’s Avant, formerly AvantCredit, which is cutting 7% of its workforce after its loan volume fell 27% in the first three months of the year. It follows the resignation of Lending Club CEO...

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European Fintech Taking On The US

In an important milestone for fintech, Germany’s Raisin just reached EUR1bn (USD1.1bn) in assets on its platform. It’s the first European fintech startup to do so and the third in the world after Wealthfront and Betterment - both of which are from...

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Partnerships And Acquisitions - How Fintech Relationships Will Change

Banks’ indifference to fintech startups is well and truly over. Most are now busy partnering with, investing in and buying these would-be disruptors. It's a shift in attitude that's a long time coming. As for startups many are now taking a more mature...

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Borrowed Money - 5 Most-Interesting Recent Lending Deals

It was a mixed start to the year from fintech. For fintech firms in China it’s a strong start to the year, with several picking up huge USD1bn+ rounds, while other fintech-focused regions saw falls in funding levels. Lending firms continue to pick up...

Read More12 Apr 16
London Bids To Be Fintech World Capital

What are London’s chances of becoming the world’s leading fintech capital? Well if you ask London’s financial executives pretty good. In fact, 92% of them say that they are confident the UK can become the world leader in fintech. "Fintech has...

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Sinking The Loan Sharks - Online Lending Is Just Getting Started

Another week, another online lender notches up a big investment round. This time it’s Germany’s Kreditech, which is closing its Series C round at USD103m. This is another success for European fintech and further proof that there’s plenty of life...

Read More24 Mar 16
Like It Or Not, Banks Will Help Fintech Startups Grow

People working at fintech startups often take great pains to talk up how different they are from the rest of finance. It’s a way of distinguishing themselves from the still unpopular banks. When Christian Faes of LendInvest describes banking as “a...

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Education Is Online Lending's Biggest Challenge

One of the many consequences of the financial crisis was the swift drop in bank lending to small businesses. Many online lending platforms got their start by filling this gap. For those lending money it offered a healthy return in a time of record low...

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