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What's Changing Social Media In 2016

The latest changes by social media and messaging firms are all about cementing their dominance in their users’ everyday lives. From Facebook’s push into bots to Twitter’s deal to stream NFL games to Snapchat’s discovery channels these services...

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3 Mobile Messaging Trends All Businesses Need To Know

The mobile messaging landscape is only becoming more hotly contested with many rival services each counting massive 500m+ user bases. However, while the competition for users’ time is fierce, innovation is flourishing in the sectors as apps introduce...

Read More03 May 16
Viber Encrypts Chats & YouTube Takes 360 Live

Massive job cuts in the big tech companies, the importance of mind set for a startup and live streaming Coachella. These are some of the key stories to stay informed today.  1. 72,000 Tech Jobs Cut In Past Year Intel’s announcement that it will cut...

Read More20 Apr 16
Are You Being Served? - 3 Trends Closing The Gap Between Online Businesses And Customers

With online services replacing many high-street retailers, the line of communication between customers and businesses is changing. While fewer customers are able to ask to see the manager in stores, social media channels mean there are more ways for them...

Read More07 Apr 16
WhatsApp Encryption & How To Monetise VR

From WhatsApp amping up encryption efforts to how to monetise VR, here are seven key stories to keep you up to date. 1. WhatsApp Turns On Encryption WhatsApp is ramping up the privacy of its 1bn users by turning on full end-to-end encryption, which...

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9 Companies And VCs Shaping Canadian Tech

Forget about BlackBerry. The Canadian smartphone maker might have seen its position destroyed by the iPhone and Android devices, but there is so much more to the US neighbour’s tech scene than the beleaguered vendor. With social media management...

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3 Trends Transforming Connections With Consumers

Relationships with customers now span across multiple platforms, devices, apps and web environments, making it more difficult than ever for brands to respond to interactions and maximise engagement. At the same time all these channels mean that customers...

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Disruptive Watchlist – 7 Stories You Need To Know

From list killing search engines to Time Warner’s heavy demands of Hulu, here’s are seven of the news stories and blog posts to keep you ahead of the curve in tech today. 1. We Don’t Know The Alphabet Google reported its first earnings call under...

Read More02 Feb 16
INSIGHT: 4 Things Other Than Video That Will Drive Facebook's Future Success

The amount of video consumed on Facebook is seeing truly meteoric growth. In April the company reported that the service counts 4bn videos views every day, that figure has since doubled with the social media giant’s 1.55bn users now tallying up 8bn...

Read More05 Nov 15
Google Buys Jibe To Help Mobile Carriers Compete With Messaging Apps

Mobile messaging apps are eating into mobile operators’ revenue and are expected to account for 75% of all messaging traffic from devices. With messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Snapchat, raking up massive user numbers SMS text messages are...

Read More01 Oct 15