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Banking Beyond The Hype - Fintech Investment Levels Off

Fintech continues to be one of the most exciting and well-funded spaces in tech. Potentially huge profits are attracting startups and investors to take on banks and major financial institutions. From currency conversions to lending there’s a whole...

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Partnerships And The Way Forward In Payments

The on-demand economy is one of the world’s most powerful commercial models, but its global dominance today would not have been possible without the development of digital payments solutions.  Uber’s appeal is as much about not having to pay in cash...

Read More03 May 16
European Fintech Taking On The US

In an important milestone for fintech, Germany’s Raisin just reached EUR1bn (USD1.1bn) in assets on its platform. It’s the first European fintech startup to do so and the third in the world after Wealthfront and Betterment - both of which are from...

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Ant Financial Secures USD4.5bn For Infrastructure Growth

China's Ant Financial, the Alibaba affiliate that runs Alipay, has completed a USD4.5bn Series B round of financing. China Investment Corporation and CCB Trust participated in the round as new strategic investors. Existing investors China Life Insurance,...

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Buying Beyond Plastic – Why Biometrics Are Taking Off In Payments

JPMorgan Chase plans to launch a payment system called Chase Pay in the middle of next year that will take on Apple, Google and Samsung. The system uses QR codes unlike biometric-enabled solutions such as Apple Pay and can be seen as a step back, as...

Read More27 Oct 15
3 Sectors Facial Recognition Tech Could Disrupt

News that consumers in China are paying for goods with their faces sounds like a sci-fi scenario. As the facial recognition sector matures, however, it’s set to become more of a daily reality. With Facial++, which Alibaba’s finance unit uses to...

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What Stripe’s Funding Means For Payments As Its Valuation Doubles To USD3.5bn

The flow of investment for fintech companies is showing no sign of slowing as 2014 draws to a close and this is a topic thoroughly explored in our 'Future Of Fintech' Insight Report out this week. Stripe, which provides online retailers with technology...

Read More03 Dec 14
Apple Pay To Help Push NFC Payment Users Past 500m By 2019

The launch of Apple Pay will play a key role in driving acceptance and awareness of NFC over the next few years, helping drive the number of people using the technology to pay for goods to 516m by 2019, according to the latest forecasts. Juniper Research...

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Alipay Just Opened Up China To Western Business. Here's What It's Really Up To

Most companies tend to keep a low profile in the months leading up to their IPO, practising their earnings calls and making sure everything adds up before they emerge under the harsh flashbulbs of the public markets. Not Alibaba. Apart from...

Read More25 Jun 14
Alibaba to buy a stake in Alipay - Rumor

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, is set to buy a significant stake in Alipay according to the Wall Street Journal. Alipay is Alibaba's third-party payment software with a similar relationship as that between PayPal and eBay. Alibaba spun off...

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