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US$60m Google Ventures 27 Feb 2015
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The Songs Remain The Same, But Music Industry Is Adapting

Music streaming usage doubled in the US last year and could do so again in 2016 with Apple Music, Google’s YouTube Music, Spotify, Tidal and Pandora, as well as SoundCloud’s newly launched streaming app all competing to bring new users onto their...

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INTERVIEW: Kobalt Music Talks Transformation And Transparency In Music

The music industry is still wrestling to find a way to survive sustainably in the age of digital streaming. With even the most high-profile artists struggling Kobalt Music wants to help artists and publishers bring in revenue from the mountains of music...

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3 Lessons Other Industries Must Learn From Music’s Disruption

The music industry was infamously slow to react to digital disruption. Even today it sometimes appears to be floundering around, desperately trying to think up new means of squeezing revenues from consumers. It's off cited, but the industry remains in a...

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Spotify Lawsuit Highlights Persistent Hurdle For Music Disruption

Spotify is back in the news again as it faces a USD150m lawsuit by a group of musicians for unpaid royalties. The class action lawsuit comes from Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker frontman David Lowery. It’s far from the only streaming site to have...

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'Pedestrian At Best' - 11 Winners And Losers In Digital Music In 2015

Sometimes the music industry just isn’t fair. For all the talk of digital democratising the industry, has it really? This year seems like it’s seen the industry divide further into successes and failures. Take music streaming with Spotify continuing...

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Kobalt Nabs USD60m For Music Royalties

Kobalt Music, a company that uses technology to accelerate the collection of music royalties, has closed a USD60m Series C round of financing from Google Ventures. The company builds algorithms to help musicians get paid for their work, which usually...

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5 Recent Balderton Capital Investments To Watch

As London’s tech ecosystem becomes ever-more developed investors and VC firms are flooding in to get a slice of the action. While there are Silicon Valley firms looking overseas to the city’s Silicon Roundabout for new talent, this year has seen real...

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Why Spotify Is Better For The Music Industry Than Apple

Musicians now make more money from streaming services than from paid downloads. That’s according to Kobalt Music Publishing, a company that collects royalty payments for artists in Europe, which claims that its clients brought in an average of 13% more...

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INSIGHT: Meet MediaMath, Fresh Nation, NovoEd & Kobalt - Our Top Investments This Week

From technology designed to keep students at their books to marketplaces where you can order locally-grown strawberries and apples straight to your front mat, it was a colourful week in the tech industry. We've picked out the hottest investments that...

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Kobalt Secures USD140m For Music Royalties

Kobalt Music Group, a music publisher and services company, has secured USD140m in venture funding. The latest round comes from MSD Capital, as well as previous backers Balderton Capital and Spark Ventures. Based in New York, Kobalt's platform...

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