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Banking Beyond The Hype - Fintech Investment Levels Off

Fintech continues to be one of the most exciting and well-funded spaces in tech. Potentially huge profits are attracting startups and investors to take on banks and major financial institutions. From currency conversions to lending there’s a whole...

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Innovation Works Scores USD15m For Third Fund

World Bank investment arm IFC has invested USD15m into the latest fund of Chinese VC and start-up incubator/accelerator Innovation Works. The funds will go into Innovation Works’s Innovation Fund III LP, which is focused on early and mid-stage internet...

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Remaking Money Transfers - Standing Out In A Crowded Market

London-based mobile money transfer service WorldRemit is trying to transform the remittances market and is getting a nice boost in the form of a USD45m credit line. It's going to need every cent to succeed as the money transfer market is a very crowded...

Read More11 Feb 16
IHS Raises USD2.6bn For African Infrastructure Financing

IHS has raised USD2.6bn in a loan with participation from Ecobank, Standard Chartered, Standard Bank, Investec and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC). With USD2bn in equity and USD6m in debt this deal is the biggest fund rasied by...

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E-commerce firm Dafiti bags financing

Rocket Internet firm Dafiti, an e-commerce and fashion website, has secured USD20.4m from the IFC. The e-commerce company operates in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Funding is set to support the businesses expansion. In the last 3 years, the...

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Rocket Internet raises USD13.6m for Russian e-commerce startup Lamoda

Rocket Internet has secured a funding of approximately USD13.6m for its Russian e-commerce startup Lamoda. The investment was backed by World Bank Group’s investment fund IFC. The capital raised will help regional development of the company’s express...

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