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Stranger Things Have Happened - Online Video Investment Grows 75%

YouTube should retain its position as the online video market leader with the biggest audience and Alphabet could begin reporting its revenues separately from Google. Facebook will further monetise its video views. This will come from more suggested...

Read More21 Oct 16
The Songs Remain The Same, But Music Industry Is Adapting

Music streaming usage doubled in the US last year and could do so again in 2016 with Apple Music, Google’s YouTube Music, Spotify, Tidal and Pandora, as well as SoundCloud’s newly launched streaming app all competing to bring new users onto their...

Read More07 Oct 16
Instagram Is Now Essential To Businesses

One of the most-important social media platforms, Instagram, which Facebook acquired in 2013 for USD1bn, now counts more than 400m users, more than Twitter or Snapchat. And as Facebook ramps up advertising, it’s becoming a real source of revenue for...

Read More01 Jun 16
Jawbone Freezes Wearable Trackers & BT’s YouTube Success

One of the leading fitness trackers calling it quits and the power of Snapchat stories are among the news and opinion pieces to keep you up to date today. 1. Jawbone Ices Tracker Line Jawbone was among the most pioneering firms in the wearable fitness...

Read More31 May 16
YouTube's Role In VR & 3 Ways To Improve Twitter

YouTube's place in virtual reality (VR), Donald Trump talks tech and how to improve Twitter - these are the stories shaping tech today. 1. YouTube’s Role In Google’s VR Plans Every war needs its munitions, and in the VR war brewing between some of...

Read More20 May 16
Amazon Takes On YouTube & USD27bn Lost To Ad Blockers

The true scale of ad blocking, Facebook's biases and how Amazon is taking on YouTube -these are the stories shaping tech today. 1. Publishers’ USD27bn Ad Blocker Problem Concerns about the impact of ad blocking continue to grow, with Juniper Research...

Read More11 May 16
What TV Needs To Learn From Online Video Advertising

Online video is stealing more advertising money away from traditional TV. The sums are still relatively small in comparison, with eMarketer estimating that online video ad spending will reach USD9.8bn this year compared to the USD63bn spent on TV ads,...

Read More06 May 16
Icahn Sells Apple Stock & Amazon's Record Quarter

Amazon's and LinkedIn’s positive growth figures, as well as Carl Icahn's sale of his Apple stock in the face of sales contraction are just some of the key stories in tech today. 1. Cloud Boosts Amazon Amazon is off to a great start to the year...

Read More29 Apr 16
EXPERT COMMENT: Will ‘Amazon And Chill’ Become A Thing?

One of the unifying results of the digital revolution is its impact on prices. Consumers expect more storage, faster speeds and more mobile data, all for less money. But earlier this week, Amazon flipped the script and launched Prime monthly and Prime...

Read More25 Apr 16
Influencers Are Advertisements For Millennials

From David Beckham chugging Pepsi to Rodger Federer’s Rolex - in marketing, endorsements work. It’s why advertisers spend a fortune getting celebrities to appear in adverts. However, in the age of social media there are many more opportunities for...

Read More21 Apr 16

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General Electric Sets a Record for Gas Turbine Efficiency, Giving Natural Gas Another Win
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