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The Songs Remain The Same, But Music Industry Is Adapting

Music streaming usage doubled in the US last year and could do so again in 2016 with Apple Music, Google’s YouTube Music, Spotify, Tidal and Pandora, as well as SoundCloud’s newly launched streaming app all competing to bring new users onto their...

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5 Most-Significant Music Investments In 2016

Of all the industries undergoing tech disruption, it’s music that is arguably undergoing the most public and profound embarrassment. But while the music industry incumbents continue to comet to grasps with shifting consumer habits, new music...

Read More15 Jun 16
SoundCloud Takes USD100m For Music Streaming Platform

Berlin-based SoundCloud, which enables people to upload and share music and other audio files, has taken USD70m in funding from Twitter as a part of a USD100m funding round. 

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Spotify’s Fresh USD1bn & Dropcam Founder Wishes He Didn’t Sell To Nest

From Dropcam founder Greg Duffy’s attack on Google’s Nest to an end to the ongoing tech IPO shortage here are the top stories to keep you up to date with tech today. It’s also an especially busy day in the music tech world so for those looking to...

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Money For Nothing - Why Spotify’s Taking On Another USD500m

Europe’s music-streaming players are kicking off the year with a cash grab. It started with Deezer and now it's Spotify. The streaming market leader is reportedly looking to borrow USD500m through a convertible debt offering. First reported by Swedish...

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Throwing A Lifeline - 4 Major Names That Need Acquiring

Twitter is losing four of its top executives, shortly after its share hit its lowest-ever price. There's also its stagnating user growth and the lukewarm reception to its new Movement feature. Bad luck for all those hoping the return of Jack Dorsey as...

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What 5 Deals Already Reveal About Music In 2016

It’s not yet the end of January, but players in the ever-competitive music space are already making moves in an effort to get a beat ahead of the competition. Apple’s announcement that it now counts 10m subscribers on board with Apple Music...

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SoundCloud’s Starting 2016 Strong, But Survival Is Uncertain

When an artist grows beyond their underground roots into the mainstream there’s always the chance of alienating their original fan base. SoundCloud is dealing with a similar issue. The streaming service is loved by DJs, independent artists and those...

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Apple Music's Rapid Growth Doesn't Mean The Death Of Spotify

With its historic role in digitalising music industry, there's no company quite as well placed to take on Spotify's role as the music streaming industry's leader as Apple. Launching its Apple Music streaming app six months ago, following its 2014...

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SoundCloud Takes On USD35m In Debt After Failing To Attract VC Funding

Berlin-based music streaming platform SoundCloud has raised USD35m in debt funding, after reportedly failing to attract VC investment. The financing comes from Tennenbaum Capital Partners and SoundCloud also has the option to take on a further USD70m in...

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