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EA launches digital strategy in profit drive

Games publisher Electronic Arts (EA), which lost USD120m and laid-off 1,100 employees in the last quarter, is launching a new digital strategy in an attempt to get the company back in the black. COO John Pleasants says EA hopes to generate USD500m in...

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ANALYSIS: Online Advertising - Beyond Good and Evil

Rising broadband penetration is helping online advertising cut into the traditional media distribution market and the total online advertising market is estimated to be worth USD180bn globally. Developing a successful value-added online advertising...

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FIFA, EA and Sony partner on FIFA Interactive World Cup game

FIFA, EA and Sony are partnering on FIFA Interactive World Cup, a global football video game competition. Financial details of the partnerships were not disclosed. Under the partnerships, participants around the world will compete against each other on...

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Positive Response To Mobile TV During World Cup

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BBC Sport website 3 times as popular as nearest rival,, during World Cup

With over 3.4 million users during the World Cup season, BBC Sports website has become the most popular online source for World Cup news in the UK, according to a study by Nielsen/NetRatings. The study shows that the site was three times as popular as...

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Old Media, Not New, Is World Cup Winner

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EA's FIFA Online Sets Online Record In Korea

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etisalat slashes rates for FIFA World Cup results on mobile phones - AME Info

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Tandberg's MPEG-4 AVC HD System chosen for World Cup 2006 delivery in China

China Central Television (CCTV) has selected Tandberg's MPEG-4 AVC HD encoding and decoding solutions to maximize the bandwidth of its DS3 international link and its local delivery network during the FIFA World Cup 2006. CCTV has been broadcasting an...

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EA and FIFA extend partnership till 2014

Electronics Arts and FIFA have announced an extension of their exclusive license agreement till 2014. The partnership gives Electronic Arts exclusive rights to the development of simulation, manager and arcade games across all platforms including PC,...

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