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Stranger Things Have Happened - Online Video Investment Grows 75%

YouTube should retain its position as the online video market leader with the biggest audience and Alphabet could begin reporting its revenues separately from Google. Facebook will further monetise its video views. This will come from more suggested...

Read More21 Oct 16
What's Changing Social Media In 2016

The latest changes by social media and messaging firms are all about cementing their dominance in their users’ everyday lives. From Facebook’s push into bots to Twitter’s deal to stream NFL games to Snapchat’s discovery channels these services...

Read More30 Sep 16
Facebook Acqui-Hires US-Based Eyegroove Team

Facebook has acqui-hired the team behind the social network for music video app Eyegroove. The financial terms of the deal were not revealed. Facebook has not acquired the company or its technology and intellectual property. 

Read More09 Aug 16
Line Looks To An IPO & Theranos Heads To Hollywood

Line’s looking at an IPO in what could prove a major test for the public market’s appetite for messaging companies and the impact of hedge funds on tech valuations are among the stories to keep you in the loop in tech today. 1. Line IPO Japanese...

Read More10 Jun 16
Snapchat Makes Eyes At Publishers To Attract Ads

Snapchat is yet again trying to increase the amount of content from third party publishers that its users watch. Its latest redesign grants more space to its publication partners in the Stories section of the app and now features an image and headline...

Read More09 Jun 16
Ehang Person Drone Takes Flight & Secret's Founder's New Startup

From person-carrying drones in flight over the Nevada desert, to Secret’s founder’s new project, here are the most interesting stories in tech today. 1. Ehang Cleared For Takeoff Remember the person-carrying Ehang drone that premiered at Vegas in...

Read More08 Jun 16
Blue Apron Considers IPO & Spotify Hires Music Industry Veteran

Twitter’s inability to hang on to a head of product for more than a year and Blue Apron’s potential IPO are among the top stories to keep you up to date in tech today. 1. Twitter Loses Head Of Product Twitter is still struggling to keep its execs,...

Read More07 Jun 16
Snapchat’s Got A Lot To Prove To Marketers

Snapchat is the new Wild West when it comes to marketing. Many marketers are setting out into this relatively unknown territory in the hope of winning big with the app’s highly-engaged, young user base. There’s new evidence to suggest just how...

Read More03 Jun 16
Toyota Considers Boston Dynamics Buy & Crunchy Snapchat Experiment

Toyota’s got its eyes on Alphabet’s robots and a 2013 Myspace hack could still cause problems today. These are among today’s top news stories. 1. Cadbury’s Great Snapchat Experiment There’s a lot of hype among marketers about the potential...

Read More01 Jun 16
Instagram Is Now Essential To Businesses

One of the most-important social media platforms, Instagram, which Facebook acquired in 2013 for USD1bn, now counts more than 400m users, more than Twitter or Snapchat. And as Facebook ramps up advertising, it’s becoming a real source of revenue for...

Read More01 Jun 16

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