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Stranger Things Have Happened - Online Video Investment Grows 75%

YouTube should retain its position as the online video market leader with the biggest audience and Alphabet could begin reporting its revenues separately from Google. Facebook will further monetise its video views. This will come from more suggested...

Read More21 Oct 16
Apple Takes Over Turi For USD200m

Apple has taken over US-based artificial intelligence startup Turi for about USD200m. Apple will integrate Turi’s technology with its future products. 

Read More08 Aug 16
May Deal Book - Snapchat Not Enough To Prevent VC Funding Slump

Venture capital investment in tech firms fell 11% in May compared to April, but was up 27% year-on-year. That there was only a slight fall compared to April is notable as in May there were no rounds anything like as large as the USD4.5bn raised by Ant...

Read More22 Jun 16
First Stop For Voice Recognition Is E-Commerce

Voice recognition software is now a standard feature on mobile devices and personal computers, but only recently has the technology powering it developed to a standard that makes it useful. Where once upon a time the likes of Siri or Cortana were seen as...

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Still All To Play For In Payments

Apple Pay brought smartphone payments into the mainstream and now the iPhone maker is expected to bring this technology to the web with support for e-commerce websites. It’s an interesting move for Apple, as while the company does take a cut of...

Read More13 Jun 16
A Driver-Owned Uber & Didi Chuxing Scores New Funding

From Siri excitement to the growing coffers of Didi Chuxing, here are the top stories to help you stay up to date with tech today. 1. A Driver-Owned Uber Uber is currently structured like most corporations, with ownership split between management and...

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A New World Wide Web & Fresh Comes To The UK

Restructuring the web, Amazon Fresh comes to the UK and an app store shake-up - these are the stories defining tech today. 1. Sir Tim Questions World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners Lee, father of the World Wide Web, has voiced concerns about the way...

Read More09 Jun 16
3 Possible Ways Ahead for Wearable Tech

Ever since they first popped up on Star Trek, smart watches, on which users can access whole oceans of content and functions, have been one of the emblems of futuristic tech chic. But nearly a year on from the commercial launch of the Apple Watch they...

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Right Way To Raise Funds & The IPO Drought

From tech's advertising bubble to the right way to fundraise, these are the stories to read to stay in the know.  1. Advertising Bubble Advertising is the lifeblood of many internet giants from Facebook to Google to Twitter. But there’s only so much...

Read More18 May 16
Apple And Android, Rather Than Retailers, Will Rule Payments

High-street food chain Pret A Manger may have inadvertently revealed that Android Pay is destined for arrival in the UK far sooner than expected after signs were installed in its stores overnight announcing that it would now start receiving payments from...

Read More17 May 16

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