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The Digital Revolution In The Workplace

The predominant rising force in workplace technology is automation. With machine learning and artificial intelligence beginning to make its way into more professional use cases, business software is increasingly automating once laborious processes from...

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Zenefits' Layoffs & Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is getting serious about ads and the right way to measure chatbots here are the news stories and expert opinions to keep you up to speed. 1. Android Growth Begins To Flatten Android enjoyed record growth rates across last year. Now new data...

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3 Areas Where Fintech Is Fighting For The Little Guy

TransferWise is back in the news after raising GBP17.7m (USD26m), with a USD1.1bn valuation and a new focus on bringing its cheap currency conversion tool to small businesses. The currency converter unicorn claims small businesses are all too often...

Read More26 May 16
3 Key Areas Where Tech Is Reshaping HR

It’s an interesting time to be a worker. While on the one hand automation and machine learning threaten to eliminate whole swaths of the global labour force, on the other hand that same technology, when applied to human resources (HR), is making being...

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Andreessen Horowitz's New USD1.5bn Bet On Digital Transformation

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, one of Silicon Valley’s most-active VC firms famously said: "software is eating the world." It continues to speak to how software is becoming more important to businesses everywhere as tech transforms...

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Valuation Crunch Will Have Global Impact

There’s a fresh wave of marked-down valuations coming from Morgan Stanley as high-valued tech companies come under increasing scrutiny. Most notably, one of the investment bank’s mutual funds slashed the valuation of Indian e-commerce leader Flipkart...

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What Zenefits’ Crisis Reveals About The Challenges For Disruptive HR Startups

Human resources (HR) startup Zenefits is facing an investigation from the California Department of Insurance over its licensing practices. It follows the resignation of the firm’s CEO and co-founder Parker Conrad this week over the company’s apparent...

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This Is What's Really Happening With Tech IPOs

Square's IPO went off better than expected, with shares rising sharply from their initial low price of USD9. But don't be fooled though, it's still a climbdown from the USD15.5 a share it was valued at during its last private round. Square is also having...

Read More19 Nov 15
The Numbers Behind Y-Combinator’s Bets

It’s the seed fund and startup accelerator that’s launched hundreds of clone programmes in its image, famed for backing pioneering tech companies like Airbnb. Y-Combinator's 107-strong latest cohort just graduated its summer demo day and...

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Andreessen Horowitz - Unicorn Wizard

Andreessen Horowitz is a very active investor, averaging more than three investments every two weeks, according to StrategyEye’s data from 2015 so far. In addition to its involvement in rounds with a combined value of around USD2.5bn the firm made a...

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