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Banking Beyond The Hype - Fintech Investment Levels Off

Fintech continues to be one of the most exciting and well-funded spaces in tech. Potentially huge profits are attracting startups and investors to take on banks and major financial institutions. From currency conversions to lending there’s a whole...

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Sinking The Loan Sharks - Online Lending Is Just Getting Started

Another week, another online lender notches up a big investment round. This time it’s Germany’s Kreditech, which is closing its Series C round at USD103m. This is another success for European fintech and further proof that there’s plenty of life...

Read More24 Mar 16
INSIGHT REPORT: The Future Of Fintech

The disruption of finance by fintech startups is well under way. Young companies are finding new ways of rethinking everything from mortgages to insurance to currency conversions. This is a transformation that is shaking up the businesses of some of the...

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Fintech Foray - 500 Startups’ Fintech Fund

500 Startups is diving deeper into fintech and setting up a new dedicated fund. At USD25m it’s hardly breaking the metaphorical bank even if it may in time break some actual ones. The fund is one of 500 Startups' few specialised funds, with the others...

Read More24 Feb 16
Disruptive Watchlist – 7 Stories You Need To Know

From Africa's first tech unicorn, to Wired cracking down on ad-block users, here are seven stories you need to know in tech today. 1. Limited Partners Remains Bullish The narrative driving investment in the beginning of the 2016 is one of fraught with...

Read More09 Feb 16
Loans, Language and Courses - The Startups Changing Education

There’s a lot of money to be made in online education. Startups offering student loans is an obvious growth industry, but there are plenty of other opportunities in edtech. At A Glance > USD1.8bn invested in edtech companies last year > 122 companies...

Read More06 Jan 16
INSIGHT: 5 Figures That Explain The State Of Fintech

Disruption is well and truly underway in finance with tech firms swelled with venture capital piling in to take on the big banks. There're billions invested and trillions to play for. Given the huge numbers bandied around it is tough to keep perspective....

Read More29 Oct 15
INSIGHT: 3 Trends Shaping Fintech In 2015

Investors are still very excited about fintech's potential, with more than USD2.5bn invested in Q3 2015. This includes some huge rounds, such as the USD1bn round raised by California’s SoFi. It’s an international trend with a diverse range of...

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MONTHLY DEAL BOOK: Major Fintech Deals Drive VC Investment Up 80% To USD6.4bn

After an unexpected dip in August, venture capital investment returned to growth up 35% month on month to USD6.4bn in September, with a total of 295 venture capital deals across September compared to the 216 in August. September’s total is also up a...

Read More07 Oct 15
INSIGHT: What SoFi’s USD1bn Funding Round Means For Fintech Disruption

Investor’s appetite for fintech is only growing with US lending company SoFi, becoming one of a handful of companies to raised USD1bn in funding this year and the first fintech player to do so to date. The mammoth Series E round, which was led by...

Read More05 Oct 15

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