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Ehang Person Drone Takes Flight & Secret's Founder's New Startup

From person-carrying drones in flight over the Nevada desert, to Secret’s founder’s new project, here are the most interesting stories in tech today. 1. Ehang Cleared For Takeoff Remember the person-carrying Ehang drone that premiered at Vegas in...

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Snapchat Raises USD1.8bn & Peter Thiel's Fight With Gawker

Snapchat's equity round, Peter Thiel's attack on Gawker and what's happening to angel deals. These are some of the top stories in tech today. 1. Snapchat Raises USD1.8bn Snapchat has raised a USD1.8bn equity round. The social media company did not...

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Amazon Branded Snacks & Competition For Silicon Valley

From what Google should address at its upcoming event to Mark Zuckerberg's meeting with top conservatives, here are the stories you need to know. 1. Google I/O Google’s big annual event is coming up soon. Here are some the questions it needs to...

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Wearable Tech Is Finding It Niche, But Mass Appeal Remains Elusive

Wearable devices were once touted as the next step for consumer tech, with smartwatches and glasses becoming the primary interfaces through which mobile tech was used. However, the hype that once drove the space, which arguably peaked with the Apple...

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Magic Leap Purchases Israeli Cyber Security Firm NorthBit

US-based virtual reality firm, Magic Leap has acquired Israeli cyber security research company NorthBit. The financial terms were not disclosed. With this acquisition, Magic Leap plans to improve security standards and expand its operations in Israel.

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Quarterly Deal Book – VC Funding Steady At USD18bn, But Cracks Appearing

There’s a lot of talk among investors and global tech communities about a slowdown in the levels of VC funding and massive valuation rises seen over the past couple of years. However, the first quarter of 2016 saw funding levels remain flat from the...

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Marketers Need To Be Ready For Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is back on the agenda in forward-looking marketing meetings following the news that UK startup Blippar has raised USD54m. Its valuation is unknown, but as the hype machine creaks into action it's reportedly turned down an offer to...

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Magic Leaps Pulls In Record USD793.5m, On A USD4.5bn Valuation

Stealthy augmented reality startup Magic Leap, which raised a surprise USD540m in 2014 has done it again, picking up USD793.5m in a new round of Series C funding. Investment was led by China’s Alibaba, with contributions also coming from Google,...

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Smart Glasses Hype Inching Closer To Reality

Secretive augmented reality firm Magic Leap is reported to have raised USD542m in funding at a USD5bn valuation and is adding Chinese tech billionaire and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma to its board. That’s a significant achievement for a company that is yet to...

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Mobile Made The Video Star – 4 Online Video Trends

From breaking news to Instagram ads the amount of video consumed online continues to grow with smartphones quickly becoming the primary device for viewing. This creates opportunities in areas such as advertising, but also challenges with shorter...

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