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The Digital Revolution In The Workplace

The predominant rising force in workplace technology is automation. With machine learning and artificial intelligence beginning to make its way into more professional use cases, business software is increasingly automating once laborious processes from...

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6 Hottest Categories - 12 Month VC Deals Crunched

The digital economy is swelling as investors plunge significant backing into key categories such as e-commerce and online advertising, as well as mobile messaging and gaming. Drilling down into deal data tracked by StrategyEye, which you can see live...

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Speek bags USD5.1m for conference call solution

Speek, a conference calling solution for web and mobile, has landed USD5.1m in Series A funding. The funding round included contributions from 500 Startups, Disruption Corporation's Crystal Tech Fund, CNF Investments, Middleland Capital and angel...

Read More04 Mar 14