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Banking Beyond The Hype - Fintech Investment Levels Off

Fintech continues to be one of the most exciting and well-funded spaces in tech. Potentially huge profits are attracting startups and investors to take on banks and major financial institutions. From currency conversions to lending there’s a whole...

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Online Lending Loses Its Lustre

Is online lending all it’s cracked up to be? The bad news for the sector keeps on piling with Square the most recent to be affected. Square’s core business is payments, but it’s diversifying into online lending. The rewards of this move are now in...

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Investment Banks Join The Fintech Revolution

Investment banks are by their very definition the ones that don’t take deposits. Yet now Goldman Sachs, the most famous investment bank of them all, is doing just that, launching an online bank with a minimum deposit of USD1. It's a seismic shift for...

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Partnerships And Acquisitions - How Fintech Relationships Will Change

Banks’ indifference to fintech startups is well and truly over. Most are now busy partnering with, investing in and buying these would-be disruptors. It's a shift in attitude that's a long time coming. As for startups many are now taking a more mature...

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3 Areas Of Fintech Google Is Dying To Disrupt

Google is making another play for financial services by opening a mortgage comparison service. It only works in its home state of California, but Google doesn’t do small and is no doubt prepping a national roll-out. Google’s size, cash reserves and...

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INSIGHT: Fintech Loans - Why More Small Business Are Looking Beyond Banks For Financing

Small businesses are increasingly turning to online services rather than banks for loans. PayPal is one of the key players here and it's just crossed USD1bn in small business loans. Lending is increasingly rapidly as it took five months to lend its...

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OnDeck Capital reels in USD77m for small business lending

Small business money loaner OnDeck has raised a USD77m  round led by Tiger Global Management. OnDeck provides loans from USD5,000 to USD250,000, repayable from 3 up to 24 months. The company claims its revenue has doubled from last year to USD65m making...

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