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What's Changing Social Media In 2016

The latest changes by social media and messaging firms are all about cementing their dominance in their users’ everyday lives. From Facebook’s push into bots to Twitter’s deal to stream NFL games to Snapchat’s discovery channels these services...

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Viber Encrypts Chats & YouTube Takes 360 Live

Massive job cuts in the big tech companies, the importance of mind set for a startup and live streaming Coachella. These are some of the key stories to stay informed today.  1. 72,000 Tech Jobs Cut In Past Year Intel’s announcement that it will cut...

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Not Over For GoPro & End Of The IPO Freeze

Why it’s not all doom and gloom for GoPro, the end of the IPO freeze and some concerning Apple Watch sales estimates are among the stories and opinions you need to know in tech today. 1. Maybe GoPro Isn’t Doomed Not that long ago GoPro was a...

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The Internet Of John Doe – 5 Social Startups Capitalising On Consumer Demand For Privacy

Consumers becoming more open online has seen the rise of social media and the sharing economy, but in the wake of Snowden and Assange, privacy and security are now back in vogue. Secure, private and at times anonymous services are gaining traction with...

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