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Microsoft Buys LinkedIn & Blockchain Explained

Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for USD26bn, blockchain’s potential and the insurance startups to watch - these are the biggest stories in tech today. 1. What’s Next For LinkedIn In buying LinkedIn for USD26bn Microsoft is making its largest...

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5 Most-Significant Recent Fintech Investments

Challenger banks, blockchain and insurance startups are all doing very well lately. Insurance in particular is finally starting to get some traction, with many new innovative mobile apps starting to reach the market. Challenger banks are also picking up...

Read More06 Jun 16
Bitcoin’s Chance At Mainstream Success

Bitcoin is back in the news again as another individual steps forward claiming they’re the enigmatic creator of the cryptocurrency. But whether or not Craig Wright really is the founder doesn't really matter. What matters is that bitcoin is still yet...

Read More03 May 16
Fintech Investment Doubles, But Focus Shifts

Fintech is changing fast. Lending and blockchain are 'in' when it comes to investment, while payments and bitcoin are 'out'. Investors are increasingly seeing bitcoin as a pipe dream while the disruption of payments is far enough along to make it...

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INSIGHT REPORT: The Future Of Fintech

The disruption of finance by fintech startups is well under way. Young companies are finding new ways of rethinking everything from mortgages to insurance to currency conversions. This is a transformation that is shaking up the businesses of some of the...

Read More17 Mar 16
Bitcoin Bulletin – What’s In Store This Year

For something where volatility is often its biggest criticism, the bitcoin space is off to a good start in 2016. From PayPal appointing Xapo founder Wences Cesares to its board to fresh investments in Sweden’s KCN Miner and India’s ZepPay, the...

Read More14 Jan 16
INSIGHT: Despite Bitcoin's Surge, Blockchain Is Still The Bigger Story

Bitcoin is going through one of its price spikes, doubling in a month to hit USD500 this week. The only problem is no-one quite knows what’s behind the current surge. It's true to form for the cryptocurrency that is prone to sudden spikes and dramatic...

Read More06 Nov 15
Bigger, Bolder & Still Budding – 3 Trends Shaping Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin’s value may have tumbled far since its feverish high of USD11,000 in November last year, but the drama surrounding it certainly hasn’t dissipated. The Chinese central bank has made some strong stands forcing payment companies to close...

Read More01 May 15
3 Trends Shaping Fintech Investment To Watch This Year

Fintech companies saw a good Q4, with USD1.3bn invested globally across everything from bitcoin directories to digital cash advance startups to electronic tip jars. The figure is up slightly compared to the USD1.2bn invested across Q3, according to...

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Alien Technology; Bitcoin; Messaging APIs - 4 Investments To Watch

Alien Technology took on one of the most eye-catching investments last week with USD35m for its internet of things chips. Startups working with virtual currency bitcoin are starting to pick some generous rounds of cash, with New York's Blockchain...

Read More13 Oct 14

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