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Round Size Investors Date
US$3.8m DN Capital, Octopus Ventures 18 Nov 2015
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Breaking British Home Stores - UK E-Commerce’s Destruction Of the High Street

The UK’s high streets are on the cusp of losing one of their stalwart brands with British Home Stores (BHS) entering administration, as e-commerce companies continue to outcompete and out-innovate traditional retail models. BHS is grappling with...

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Nation Of Shopkeepers - 7 UK E-Commerce Companies To Watch

Napoleon once reputedly described the British as "a nation of shopkeepers" and looking at the figure for funding going into UK-based e-commerce startups, the same could be said of the country today. In total, UK e-commerce startups took in USD863m over...

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4 Most-Significant E-Commerce Trends

For those that think e-commerce begins and ends at Amazon think again. Most shopping still takes place in physical stores and the shift to e-commerce is gradual with much of retail still up for grabs. The last quarter of 2015 saw investors back many...

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4 Freshly Funded UK Startups To Watch

There’s more to the UK startup scene than just fintech. While it's true fintech is producing some truly huge investment rounds, like the USD83m online lender Ebury just received, the UK is home to an impressive range of tech firms. This is, after all,...

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Eve Raises USD3.8m To Sells Mattresses

Eve has raised GBP2.5m (USD3.8m) to sell mattresses online. The Series A funding comes from Octopus Ventures and DN Capital. The company will use the capital to fund international expansion into Germany and the US. 

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5 Most-Notable European Deals Under USD5m In Q2

There’s no shortage of coverage of super-sized European rounds these days -whether it’s the question of whether USD526m will be enough for Spotify to survive the Apple Music onslaught or if USD150m will allow Funding Circle to truly build a global...

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Eve Raises USD930,000 For Premium Mattress E-Commerce

Eve Mattress has raised GBP600,000 (USD930,000) for its mattresses. The funding comes from Octopus Ventures. Eve sells all its mattresses online, which helps it cut costs.

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Eve Snuggles Down With USD510,000 To Sell Premium Mattresses Online

Shazam-backer DN Capital is investing in London-based premium mattress e-commerce firm eve’s seed funding round. The company, which delivers high-end mattresses at cheaper prices, has raised GBP330,000 (USD510,000), with backers also including Viagogo...

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Eve Bags USD2.3m To Simplify Coding

Eve has raised USD2.3m from investors including Andreessen Horowitz to make coding easier. The firm also received backing from Y-Combinator’s Sam Altman among other angels. Founder Chris Granger describes Eve as a way to bring the power of computation...

Read More08 Oct 14