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    The Digital Revolution In The Workplace

    The predominant rising force in workplace technology is automation. With machine learning and artificial intelligence beginning to make its way into more professional use cases, business software is increasingly automating once laborious processes from...

    Read More14 Oct 16
    Ehang Person Drone Takes Flight & Secret's Founder's New Startup

    From person-carrying drones in flight over the Nevada desert, to Secret’s founder’s new project, here are the most interesting stories in tech today. 1. Ehang Cleared For Takeoff Remember the person-carrying Ehang drone that premiered at Vegas in...

    Read More08 Jun 16
    5 Startups Targeting The Future Workplace

    Employee reviews that anyone can see, an end to timesheets and a Slackbot for every task are just a few of the ways startups are transforming many aspects of the workplace. Together these changes herald a future where software is smarter, companies are...

    Read More07 Jun 16
    April Deal Book - Ant Financial Powers 95% Surge

    Digital venture capital investment continues to grow impressively with April’s total up 95% compared to March and up 48% year-on-year. Dig a little deeper and the picture is a bit less impressive - more than half of venture capital raised in April was...

    Read More10 May 16
    3 Mobile Messaging Trends All Businesses Need To Know

    The mobile messaging landscape is only becoming more hotly contested with many rival services each counting massive 500m+ user bases. However, while the competition for users’ time is fierce, innovation is flourishing in the sectors as apps introduce...

    Read More03 May 16
    Slack Wants Work’s Future To Be Less Slack, More Apps

    Slacking at work was once frowned upon as a sign of unmotivated employees. Nowadays Slack is embraced by businesses as the collaboration and messaging platform gathers momentum in the rapidly-evolving workplace tech sector. However, Slack sees the...

    Read More11 Apr 16
    Slack Lands USD200m For Workplace Chat Software

    Slack, a workplace chat software startup, has landed USD200m in round led by Thrive Capital, with participation from GGV, Comcast Ventures and existing investors Social Capital, Spark Growth, Accel and Index Ventures. Slack will use the finance to secure...

    Read More04 Apr 16
    Slack’s USD8bn Acquisition Rumour Shows Just How Disruptive It Already Is

    Collaboration and messaging startup Slack is causing major waves among businesses, investors and incumbent workplace technology software. The company’s mission statement of killing internal email and replacing clogged-up inboxes of confused threads...

    Read More07 Mar 16
    Breaking Up With Slack & Tidal Forgets To Pay Its Artists

    From Google taking the blame for a car crash to HubSpot’s scale-up secrets here are the stories and opinions to keep you up to date in tech.  1. Google Crashes One of Google’s self-driving cars crashed into a bus in what’s believed to be the...

    Read More01 Mar 16
    What Zenefits’ Crisis Reveals About The Challenges For Disruptive HR Startups

    Human resources (HR) startup Zenefits is facing an investigation from the California Department of Insurance over its licensing practices. It follows the resignation of the firm’s CEO and co-founder Parker Conrad this week over the company’s apparent...

    Read More12 Feb 16

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