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US$5m Open Ocean Capital 18 May 2016
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10 Leading Startups From Norway

Norway’s tech scene may not be quite as impressive as some of the other Nordic countries, but that is changing fast. The country has a strong tech heritage and a growing list of high-profile exits to its name from the likes of Playfish (bought by EA),...

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5 Startups Transforming Physical Retail Marketing

E-commerce enjoys a huge range of advantages over traditional retail. It can harvest and leverage vast amounts of data on customers, it can push notifications and adverts far more efficiently than high street outlets and it can integrate with a broad...

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Unacast Scoops USD5m For Proximity Data

Unacast, which provides a network of beacon and proximity data enabling brands and retailers to retarget customers online based on offline behaviour, has scooped USD5m in a Series A financing round led by Open Ocean Capital, along with various angel...

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Google Takes Aim At Apple As Beacon Battle Warms Up

Google is taking aim at Apple in the budding beacon space with a suite of developer tools that could really boost the scale and potential of this technology. For the un-initiated, beacons are low-energy Bluetooth devices that send data to other nearby...

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3 Lessons From Norway’s Startup Scene

Norway’s tech scene has never looked stronger. This week's Nordic Startup Awards for the region highlighted the country’s solidifying credentials in areas like education tech, its strong network of community hubs and a new generation of role model...

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Norway’s Unacast Scores USD1.6m For Proximity Data Aggregation

There’s another vote in favour of Norway’s flourishing tech scene this week as proximity data aggregation firm Unacast raises USD1.6m in seed funding. The firm aims to help retailers and brands retarget customers online, based on offline data points...

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Silicon Fjord: 10 Hot Norwegian Tech Startups To Watch

Norway’s tech scene may spend less time in the limelight than some of its Nordic cousins, but that is changing fast. The country has a strong tech heritage and a long list of high-profile exits to its name from the likes of Playfish (bought by EA),...

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