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Quarterly Deal Book – VC Funding Steady At USD18bn, But Cracks Appearing

There’s a lot of talk among investors and global tech communities about a slowdown in the levels of VC funding and massive valuation rises seen over the past couple of years. However, the first quarter of 2016 saw funding levels remain flat from the...

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HNA Group Acquires Ingram Micro For About USD6bn

Chinese aviation and shipping firm, HNA Group has acquired electronics distributor Ingram Micro for about USD6bn. The deal will enable HNA Group to strengthen its logistics arm with Ingram's supply chain network and also give a stronger foothold in the...

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UberChina Is Better Off On Its Own

At USD7bn UberChina is now worth more than its San Francisco rival Lyft and that's after Lyft raised a USD1bn investment. The car hailing giant Chinese operation is also attracting local investment with Chinese airline HNA Group, car maker Guangzhou...

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Weimob Raises USD79m For WeChat CRM

Weimob has raised USD79m for its WeChat CRM. The Series C round was led by HNA Group. 

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