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The Digital Revolution In The Workplace

The predominant rising force in workplace technology is automation. With machine learning and artificial intelligence beginning to make its way into more professional use cases, business software is increasingly automating once laborious processes from...

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Blue Apron Considers IPO & Spotify Hires Music Industry Veteran

Twitter’s inability to hang on to a head of product for more than a year and Blue Apron’s potential IPO are among the top stories to keep you up to date in tech today. 1. Twitter Loses Head Of Product Twitter is still struggling to keep its execs,...

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Countering Brexit Fears & Apple Risks Being Left Behind

Why Silicon Valley keeps getting the internet of things (IoT) wrong and Apple's AI problem are today's must-read stories. 1. When It Comes To IoT, Silicon Valley Has An Attitude Problem It’s no secret that IoT has a major issue with security. But...

Read More23 May 16
9 Companies And VCs Shaping Canadian Tech

Forget about BlackBerry. The Canadian smartphone maker might have seen its position destroyed by the iPhone and Android devices, but there is so much more to the US neighbour’s tech scene than the beleaguered vendor. With social media management...

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Disruptive Watchlist – 7 Stories You Need To Know

From a venture capitalist's vision of the future to what medicine can learn from tech, here are the news stories and opinions to stay ahead of the game.  1. Future Giants GSV Capital backs many top startups and here in a free report it outlines the...

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Challenger Banks, BlackBerry Payments, Swatch & More - Top 6 Stories In Fintech

The challenger banks are coming! Or at least some of them are. Germany’s Number26 is expanding beyond its home country in its bid to shake up banking and bring financial services to a digital-first generation. Meanwhile BlackBerry's move into payments...

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BlackBerry Buys Security Firm Good Technology For USD425m

BlackBerry has bought security firm Good Technology for USD425m. Good Technology helps corporations and governments secures mobile devices. This acquisition will help BlackBerry expand this part of its business, which it hopes will replace its shrinking...

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BlackBerry Buys Security Firm WatchDox

Canadian phone maker BlackBerry is buying security firm WatchDox for a price reported to be between USD70m and USD150m. The firm says WatchDox's technology will be offered as a value-added service to complement BlackBerry’s existing enterprise mobile...

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Internet Of Cash - There's Already Big Money In IoT

The fast-growing, much-hyped field of the internet of things is already proving lucrative with news that UK chip designer ARM’s first quarter profits are up by a third year-on-year. This was in large part due to record sales of the iPhone 6, which uses...

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The Importance Of Data For The Internet Of Things

As the number of connected devices continues to boom, there is a sense that the internet of things is on the brink of becoming a real part of people's everyday lives. It promises a world where everything has a sensor with everything working together in...

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