Funding History
Round Size Investors Date
US$1m 500 Startups, SNÖ Ventures 12 May 2016

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10 Leading Startups From Norway

Norway’s tech scene may not be quite as impressive as some of the other Nordic countries, but that is changing fast. The country has a strong tech heritage and a growing list of high-profile exits to its name from the likes of Playfish (bought by EA),...

Read More23 Sep 16
5 Startups Targeting The Future Workplace

Employee reviews that anyone can see, an end to timesheets and a Slackbot for every task are just a few of the ways startups are transforming many aspects of the workplace. Together these changes herald a future where software is smarter, companies are...

Read More07 Jun 16
Norway’s Timely Closes USD1m For Time Tracking App

Norwegian time tracking app Timely has closed USD1m seed round from SNÖ Ventures and 500 Startups. Timely will use the proceeds of the round for the app’s next phase of development. 

Read More12 May 16

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