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US$350m BlackRock, Fidelity Investments, Morgan Stanley Investment Management 25 Feb 2014
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The Digital Revolution In The Workplace

The predominant rising force in workplace technology is automation. With machine learning and artificial intelligence beginning to make its way into more professional use cases, business software is increasingly automating once laborious processes from...

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Valuation Crunch Will Have Global Impact

There’s a fresh wave of marked-down valuations coming from Morgan Stanley as high-valued tech companies come under increasing scrutiny. Most notably, one of the investment bank’s mutual funds slashed the valuation of Indian e-commerce leader Flipkart...

Read More29 Feb 16
Throwing A Lifeline - 4 Major Names That Need Acquiring

Twitter is losing four of its top executives, shortly after its share hit its lowest-ever price. There's also its stagnating user growth and the lukewarm reception to its new Movement feature. Bad luck for all those hoping the return of Jack Dorsey as...

Read More25 Jan 16
5 Unicorns Likely To See Valuations Drop In 2016

The general consensus going in to 2016 is that tech investment and valuations are set for a correction. Last year saw plenty of industry leaders make nods to the tech bubble burst of the 2000s and with valuations soaring to the extent that the...

Read More15 Jan 16
This Is What's Really Happening With Tech IPOs

Square's IPO went off better than expected, with shares rising sharply from their initial low price of USD9. But don't be fooled though, it's still a climbdown from the USD15.5 a share it was valued at during its last private round. Square is also having...

Read More19 Nov 15
Square IPO - Test For Payments, Not Unicorn Club

Payments firm Square is going public, but at a considerably lower valuation than its most-recent private round. It's pricing its shares at between USD11 and USD13, meaning that even if it reaches USD13 it will still be valued at USD1.8bn less than its...

Read More09 Nov 15
The Numbers Behind Y-Combinator’s Bets

It’s the seed fund and startup accelerator that’s launched hundreds of clone programmes in its image, famed for backing pioneering tech companies like Airbnb. Y-Combinator's 107-strong latest cohort just graduated its summer demo day and...

Read More27 Aug 15
Dropbox Acquires Enterprise Messaging Service Clementine

San Francisco-based Clementine, a messaging app for businesses, has been acquired by Dropbox for an undisclosed sum. As part of the acquisition, Clementine will be shutting down at the end of August 2015. The reasoning behind the acquisition has not been...

Read More23 Jul 15
4 Tech Unicorns To Be Sceptical About

Billion-dollar valuations for tech firms are becoming a lot more common, but it's important to remember that despite these firms having convinced investors to hand over vast sums of money many will not survive. Venture capital investment keeps hitting...

Read More20 Apr 15
Dropbox Scoops Up Pixelapse For Design Collaboration

Dropbox has acquired Pixelapse in an undisclosed deal. The company offers a platform that automatically backs up each iteration designers make to their work and collaboration tools. Dropbox is to begin a mitigation plan for Pixelapse users to move over...

Read More28 Jan 15