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10 Leading Startups From Norway

Norway’s tech scene may not be quite as impressive as some of the other Nordic countries, but that is changing fast. The country has a strong tech heritage and a growing list of high-profile exits to its name from the likes of Playfish (bought by EA),...

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Forget Startup Hype – Incumbents Are Adapting In Remittance

TransferWise’s USD1bn valuation, Andreessen Horowitz backing and aggressive advertising campaigns highlight how much startups are targeting international money transfer as an industry ripe for disruption. However, despite the noise generated by...

Read More04 May 16
Advertisers Don’t Need To Fear Ad Blockers

Looks like all those fears about advertising being devastated by ad blockers are overblown, with UK digital ad spending growing at its fastest rate for seven years. Some 78% of this growth is due to increasing spending on mobile, which now makes up 30.5%...

Read More14 Apr 16
BuzzFeed Falls Short & Google's USD20m Disability Fund

From e-commerce's USD8 trillion milestone to Google’s USD20m disability fund, here are the top stories in tech to know. 1. Argentine Taxi Drivers Protest Uber Another day, another protest against ride sharing. Today, it’s Argentina’s turn as...

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Remaking Money Transfers - Standing Out In A Crowded Market

London-based mobile money transfer service WorldRemit is trying to transform the remittances market and is getting a nice boost in the form of a USD45m credit line. It's going to need every cent to succeed as the money transfer market is a very crowded...

Read More11 Feb 16
What 5 Deals Already Reveal About Music In 2016

It’s not yet the end of January, but players in the ever-competitive music space are already making moves in an effort to get a beat ahead of the competition. Apple’s announcement that it now counts 10m subscribers on board with Apple Music...

Read More21 Jan 16
Bitcoin Bulletin – What’s In Store This Year

For something where volatility is often its biggest criticism, the bitcoin space is off to a good start in 2016. From PayPal appointing Xapo founder Wences Cesares to its board to fresh investments in Sweden’s KCN Miner and India’s ZepPay, the...

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4 Trends That Shaped Digital Advertising In 2015

From Madison Avenue boardrooms to mobile screens, the world of digital advertising continues to grow and evolve. Global proliferation of smartphones and access to richer media means there’re massive opportunities for brands to extend their reach and...

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Banks Have Bigger Threats Than Challengers – Atom Bank

It’s not challenger banks that traditional financial institutions need to be afraid of, according to Atom Bank founder Anthony Thomson. Speaking at a Banking On The Future event, hosted by Tech UK, Innovate Finance and Fiserv, he suggested it’s...

Read More04 Dec 15
Top 5 Investments - ArabiaWeather, APLX Labs, Oak Labs, ProtectWise &

As branchless banking continues to gather momentum, prepaid card companies are right at the heart of the movement, providing many customers with access to financial services that they struggle to access through traditional means. Santa Monica's

Read More23 Nov 15