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The Songs Remain The Same, But Music Industry Is Adapting

Music streaming usage doubled in the US last year and could do so again in 2016 with Apple Music, Google’s YouTube Music, Spotify, Tidal and Pandora, as well as SoundCloud’s newly launched streaming app all competing to bring new users onto their...

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What 5 Deals Already Reveal About Music In 2016

It’s not yet the end of January, but players in the ever-competitive music space are already making moves in an effort to get a beat ahead of the competition. Apple’s announcement that it now counts 10m subscribers on board with Apple Music...

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'Pedestrian At Best' - 11 Winners And Losers In Digital Music In 2015

Sometimes the music industry just isn’t fair. For all the talk of digital democratising the industry, has it really? This year seems like it’s seen the industry divide further into successes and failures. Take music streaming with Spotify continuing...

Read More15 Dec 15
Not All Music Is Created Equal - Why Spotify Needs To Change Its Approach To Freemium

Is it a coincidence that Spotify is finally considering changing its artist policy at the very time Adele continues to smash records with her new album 25 - despite her decision not to release it on streaming sites? Yes and no. Pressure on the model...

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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (For Music Streaming Startups)

Three prominent music-streaming brands disappeared this year - Rdio, Grooveshark and Beats Music. Songza will join the list of shuttered music startups at the start of 2016. Its demise, like that of Beats Music’s is rather more graceful than that of...

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This Is What's Really Happening With Tech IPOs

Square's IPO went off better than expected, with shares rising sharply from their initial low price of USD9. But don't be fooled though, it's still a climbdown from the USD15.5 a share it was valued at during its last private round. Square is also having...

Read More19 Nov 15
Pandora Snaps Up Music Streaming Site Rdio For USD75m

Pandora is buying US music streaming site Rdio for UDS75m

Read More17 Nov 15
Spotify Rival Bites The Dust - Overcrowded Music Market Kills The Rdio Star

There’s a new headstone among the graveyard of music-streaming services as Rdio throws in the towel. The company is filing for bankruptcy with Pandora scraping up some of its assets and team members for USD75m. Let’s make it clear, this is not a good...

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There Can Only Be One! – Three Number Two Players

Every firm wants to be number one in its market, but that’s not always an option. In the auction space eBay is so dominant there’s no comparative player, while all social networks struggle to compete against Facebook's online mind share. While in...

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What 13 Acquisitions Tell Us About The Future Of Online Music

As competition in the online music space continues to heat up the sector's top players are continuing to boost their capabilities and expand their offerings. One of the main ways companies are doing this is through acquisitions, with Apple’s USD3bn...

Read More20 May 15