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US$150m GIC Special Investment 5 Oct 2014
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Payments Investment Fails To Grow

The payments space faced a major test last year with Square’s IPO. It saw the mobile card reader and payment processing company list at a valuation of USD3.85bn, shaving more than 30% off the USD6bn it was valued at when it raised USD150m in 2014. The...

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Online Lending Loses Its Lustre

Is online lending all it’s cracked up to be? The bad news for the sector keeps on piling with Square the most recent to be affected. Square’s core business is payments, but it’s diversifying into online lending. The rewards of this move are now in...

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Startups Are Falling Into The Background Of Payments

The payments space is no longer the fertile land of opportunity that it was once perceived as. In the past startups rushed in, attempting to upend the point-of-sale process and convince users to leave their wallets at home. Investors liked the look of it...

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Social Networks Are The Latest Threat To Banks

Forget Apple Pay and Android Pay, what about Facebook Pay? That could be coming soon with code found in Facebook Messenger that includes phrases such as “pay directly in Messenger” and “pay for items in Messenger”. It makes sense, with Facebook...

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INSIGHT REPORT: The Future Of Fintech

The disruption of finance by fintech startups is well under way. Young companies are finding new ways of rethinking everything from mortgages to insurance to currency conversions. This is a transformation that is shaking up the businesses of some of the...

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Square Acquires Framed Data’s Team

Square has acquired the team behind Framed Data, a predictive analytics service, and will be using the team for its Square Capital team. The financial terms have not been disclosed. Square has not acquired Framed Data’s technology and the product will...

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5 Smartphone-Shunning Payment Innovations

While Apple CEO Tim Cook’s claim that “your kids will not know what money is” seems somewhat exaggerated given the current uptake of mobile payment methods, plenty of new companies are still receiving funding in the space. Perhaps because no...

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Hype And Hard Numbers Behind 4 Fintech Stars

Worth USD2bn, Adyen is a bona fide fintech success story. The payments firm is now opening its numbers revealing it has now processed USD50bn, took in USD350m in revenue last year and is profitable. It’s a rare glimpse into the finances of a private...

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Tech Needs More IPOs In 2016

Startups now sitting on billion dollar-plus valuations, or unicorns as they're termed, last year acted like their mythical namesakes in hiding away from reality. Better put, highly-valued tech companies are shying away from IPOs more than ever as venture...

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7 Hottest Stories In Mobile Finance This Week

Fintech is booming with more funding than ever for fintech startups. Meanwhile, incumbents and disruptors are working together! But wait. Amid the hype and headlines, it can be difficult to stay on top of the more important trends in the sector. For one...

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