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What's Changing Social Media In 2016

The latest changes by social media and messaging firms are all about cementing their dominance in their users’ everyday lives. From Facebook’s push into bots to Twitter’s deal to stream NFL games to Snapchat’s discovery channels these services...

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Lexus launches social design competition for tech startups

Luxury car company Lexus is launching a social media-based product design competition aimed at tech startups. Dubbed 'Lexus Ignition', the competition features eight products that will compete for votes over the next four weeks on Lexus’ Facebook page....

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Pandora pulls in big-name brands for iPad app

Starbucks, Budweiser and Lexus are the first three companies to sponsor Pandora's iPad advertising platform, according to the music streaming service. Starbucks will extend its ‘However You Want It Frappucino' campaign to the iPad app, which is already...

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