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US$125m Foundation Capital, Google 2 May 2013
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3 Areas Where Fintech Is Fighting For The Little Guy

TransferWise is back in the news after raising GBP17.7m (USD26m), with a USD1.1bn valuation and a new focus on bringing its cheap currency conversion tool to small businesses. The currency converter unicorn claims small businesses are all too often...

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Partnerships Are The Way To Save Online Lending

Another week, another online lender laying off staff. This time it’s Avant, formerly AvantCredit, which is cutting 7% of its workforce after its loan volume fell 27% in the first three months of the year. It follows the resignation of Lending Club CEO...

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Online Lenders Need To Get Their Act Together To Survive

Online lenders are in trouble. LendingClub is mired in a scandal that’s already claimed its CEO, Prosper Marketplace is laying off 28% of its workers and Avant is seeing its loan volume tumble. To make matters worse, after a long period of ignoring...

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Lending Club CEO Resigns & Facebook Denies Censorship Accusations

From the resignation of Lending Club CEO Renaud Laplance to Facebook's censorship argument, here are today's top stories in tech.  1. Lending Club CEO Resigns Renaud Laplanche, the founder and CEO of online lender Lending Club, has resigned following...

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Online Lending Loses Its Lustre

Is online lending all it’s cracked up to be? The bad news for the sector keeps on piling with Square the most recent to be affected. Square’s core business is payments, but it’s diversifying into online lending. The rewards of this move are now in...

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Investment Banks Join The Fintech Revolution

Investment banks are by their very definition the ones that don’t take deposits. Yet now Goldman Sachs, the most famous investment bank of them all, is doing just that, launching an online bank with a minimum deposit of USD1. It's a seismic shift for...

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London Bids To Be Fintech World Capital

What are London’s chances of becoming the world’s leading fintech capital? Well if you ask London’s financial executives pretty good. In fact, 92% of them say that they are confident the UK can become the world leader in fintech. "Fintech has...

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Sinking The Loan Sharks - Online Lending Is Just Getting Started

Another week, another online lender notches up a big investment round. This time it’s Germany’s Kreditech, which is closing its Series C round at USD103m. This is another success for European fintech and further proof that there’s plenty of life...

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Fintech Foray - 500 Startups’ Fintech Fund

500 Startups is diving deeper into fintech and setting up a new dedicated fund. At USD25m it’s hardly breaking the metaphorical bank even if it may in time break some actual ones. The fund is one of 500 Startups' few specialised funds, with the others...

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Hype And Hard Numbers Behind 4 Fintech Stars

Worth USD2bn, Adyen is a bona fide fintech success story. The payments firm is now opening its numbers revealing it has now processed USD50bn, took in USD350m in revenue last year and is profitable. It’s a rare glimpse into the finances of a private...

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