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Toyota Considers Boston Dynamics Buy & Crunchy Snapchat Experiment

Toyota’s got its eyes on Alphabet’s robots and a 2013 Myspace hack could still cause problems today. These are among today’s top news stories. 1. Cadbury’s Great Snapchat Experiment There’s a lot of hype among marketers about the potential...

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Education, Education, Education & Robots - The Future Of Teaching

As Whitney Houston once sung, “I believe the children are the future.” But what shape will that future take? Edtech continues to see innovation and many new firms and investors are together redefining what education will look like in the coming...

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Google snaps up military-backed robotics firm Boston Dynamic

Google is giving its robotics capabilities a major shot in the arm through the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics design firm that’s made a name for itself with the agility and life-like nature of its robots. The Massachusetts...

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