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Toyota Considers Boston Dynamics Buy & Crunchy Snapchat Experiment

Toyota’s got its eyes on Alphabet’s robots and a 2013 Myspace hack could still cause problems today. These are among today’s top news stories. 1. Cadbury’s Great Snapchat Experiment There’s a lot of hype among marketers about the potential...

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Shifting Up A Gear - 5 Car Manufacturers Fighting Back Against Disruption

When it comes to cars and technology, a lot of the hype at the moment is around driverless cars and the moves by Silicon Valley firms such as Google and Tesla, as well as rumours about Apple’s potential push into the space. But legacy automakers still...

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Car Makers Fighting Back Again Transport Disruption

Transport disruption is coming thick and fast these days and car makers have to adapt quickly. Ride-sharing apps and short-term rentals are reducing the immediate necessity of car ownership, while further afield self-driving cars are threatening to...

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Toyota To Invest USD50m In Connected Cars

Toyota is investing USD50m in MIT and Stanford University over the next five years for research and development in self-driving cars.

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What Toyota’s New Partnerships Say About The State Of Connected Cars

If the connected car is being heralded as the future of automobiles, then it's looking increasingly like collaboration between automobile companies, tech companies and academics will drive innovation. Toyota just brought on board Dr. Gill Pratt of...

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Google Looks To Partner With Car Companies For Self-Driving Cars

Google is looking to partner with car companies for self-driving cars. The search giant has reportedly entered into discussions with several manufacturers including Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler. Google wants to have fully...

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Nokia maps to power Toyota in-car navigation

Nokia’s mapping and location service, HERE, will become the search supplier for Toyota Europe's in-car navigation system. The service will provide digital maps as well as community generated ratings, reviews and images for the company’s navigation...

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Microsoft readying interactive Xbox Live ads

Microsoft is set to roll out ads on its Xbox Live network, in a move designed to revamp TV-based ads. The 30-second format, dubbed NUads, is expected to launch in the next three months, and will enable consumers to interact with the ads, using their Xbox...

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Yahoo! rolls out interactive ad format

Yahoo! has rolled out its interactive ad format, dubbed ‘living ads’, on its social news iPad app, Livestand. Yahoo!’s smartphone and tablet ad head, Alex Linde, claims that the firm will charge between USD200,000 and USD500,000 for the first...

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Toshiba hires new CEO

Toshiba Corp’s head of infrastructure systems Norio Sasaki will become the company’s new CEO in June, pending shareholder approval. Current CEO Atsutoshi Nishida will replace Tadashi Okamura as the company’s chairman. Okamura will become an advisor...

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