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Threadflip Shuts Up Shop And Partners With Le Tote

Online consignment site Threadflip has shut down and will now partner with Le Tote. Further details of the partnership were not disclosed.

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Investors En Vogue - 4 On-Trend Investments In Fashion

The tech industry often looks to the fashion industry when trying to make their products have that elusive must-buy factor. Apple has hired CEOs of both Burberry and Yves-Saint Laurent, while Google tapped fashion executive Ivy Ross to help with its...

Read More08 Dec 15
Le Tote Pockets USD15m For Online Fashion Rental

San Francisco-based clothes rental service Le Tote has fetched USD15m in a Series B funding round led by AITV. Also participating were Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Azure Capital, Simon Venture Group, Epic Ventures and Funders Club.

Read More20 Nov 15
5 Trends Shaping The Future Of Fashion E-Commerce

Fashion e-commerce still makes up a small percentage of the overall fashion retail industry, but as more and more people turn to apps and websites to browse, buy and discover clothes, investment in the space is climbing steadily. Nor are companies...

Read More14 Apr 15
4 Trends Shaping Fashion Tech

The worlds of tech and fashion continue to converge and nowhere is that more apparent than at London Fashion Week. There's fashion brand Hunter streaming its show to shopping centres, Burberry's #tweetcam hashtag, which triggers a camera to take pictures...

Read More26 Feb 15
Skimlinks, Le Tote, Eero and Andy OS - 4 Investments Worth Watching

As the sharing economy matures, the sectors in which companies are offering access over ownership models are multiplying. Le Tote, which calls itself Netflix for wardrobes, lets subscribers borrow clothes for as long as they want and is one recent...

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Le Tote Snags USD8.8m To Let Ladies Borrow Clothes Online

There’s more investment for ladies’ online fashion meets the sharing economy, with San Francisco-based Le Tote picking up USD8.8m in Series A funding. The round was led by Azure Capital Partners, with backing from Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Simon...

Read More06 Feb 15